Saturday, 12 January 2013

Entry 1 Qld and CA

                                                                Welcome to our Blog!! 

If anyone was wondering the word "Kralice" originates from the Latin words Kristen and Alice meaning rayban, reef and double backpack wearing, non spanish speaking, white same sex relationship women.

Day 3 of travel sees us waiting at LAX about to get on a flight to Cancun (NB. not for spring break).
To bring everyone up to date we commenced our trip in Queensland to warm up for the next 12 weeks off work (didn't want to pull a muscle). 
This week and a half didn't really help us get accustomed to the backpacking life in Central America. 


Bastable Balcony Increasing our Expectations 

Glenn Sheedy's Balcony Skyrocketing our expectations

What our budget will allow for in Central America...

Actual Balcony*

Also.. to really send our expectations to the moon we were upgraded to premium economy on the first leg of our journey (Although this upgrade was ruined by the constant anticipation we both felt about being tapped on the shoulder by the flight attendants and being asked to move back to the cattle yard section at the back of the plane with the other peasants...)

As we don't really have any interesting stories thus far (except Kris having her meal and drink spilt over her by the chap sitting in front of her that was very eager to get some shut eye and recline his chair during dinner) we thought we would leave you with a few more pics of our travel preparations and fashion...

We are going to fit in just fine....

Packing Lightly**
We were told that Central America didn't sell tampons and our Spanish is terrible so we took precautions
** Accounting for 50% Luggage

Whoops!! Almost packed this guy

We are off to Cuba tomorrow and may not have internet for the next two weeks but we will be in touch and update the blog as soon as we can.

Lots of Love
Kristen and Alice (Kralice)


  1. sounds amazing Kris. hope you guys have the best time ever :) looking forward to many more updates. xxx

  2. I now know what a three month supply of tampons look like. Have fun ladies!

  3. Have a ball you guys and stay safe and don't use all those tampons at once!