Sunday, 10 February 2013

Mehico! From where you'd rather be???


             Welcome to Mexico. A place you’d rather be*...

* Advertising can be deceiving 

Playa del Carmen:
We experienced a massive culture shock arriving into Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico coming straight from Cuba. Shortly after we arrived we dumped our bags in our hostel to check out the town. Very practically dressed in our hiking shoes & conservative knee length shorts, we were greeted with a lot of ass, tats, dreads, bare feet, boobs, fake tans, fake faces, fake boobs, branded everything and big commercial chains of anything you could possibly want. We felt quickly out of place! Top 3 sayings on tees for sale; “I’m in Playa del Carmen Bitch!” “I’m shy, but I have a BIG dick”, “From this point on, clothing is optional”.  One of the most popular places was a restaurant by the name of “Senor Frogs”…

We soon discovered this was the “chilled out” version of Cancun. Apart from drinking, hunting for cheap eats in the back streets and having to pay for a piece of shade on the beach, there was not much else to do. So far, this was not the Mexico we were dreaming of… We quickly looked into DIY day trips outside of Playa del Carmen.

We swam in some beautiful cenotes on the way to Akumal. It was here that we experienced a huge highlight. We swam with turtles, stingrays and schools of fish! We also managed to survive without being bitten by a barracuda (we heard a horror story). Although Kris suffered an allergic reaction during a freak seaweed fight accident (to all the Zoolander fans out there). (Photo’s kindly donated by google image as Kris's waterproof camera wasn't so waterproof after all...)

Isla Mujeres (Translation-Island of Women):
Reading, swimming, drinking beers on swings by the beach, turquoise waters, turtles, fresh food!
We have hardly any pics of the stunning beach because we were too lazy to take pics on the first day and it rained from then on

This was a shark pen...

                         *hey guys, guys, get me out of here*

We stayed in a very Hippie Hostel we nicknamed “Jonestown”. Full of jugglers, tightrope artists, drummers, rastas, yogis, sword swallowers, clowns and potheads. In a crowd like this we stood out like this… 

In a town that boasted “not much to see except on a weekend” we spent our time nursing hangovers, enjoying hangover food, and playing dodgem shopping carts with the local Mexican population in the grocery store.

Chichen Itza:
We didn’t bother with the tour so we made up the history of this UNESCO world heritage place on our own. According to our self-guided tour, over a cup of 2 min noodles, Chichen Itza was a direct result of an alien invasion before Jesus Christ sometime in 250AD.

                  *Alice taking in the view*


                           *we were impressed by the size!*

                                 *mmm budget noodles*

As the crowd picked up, we escaped for a quick dip in a nearby cenote..

          *Alice blurring into the vines*

If we did it again, we would skip straight to Tulum. This is why it is our favourite part of the Yucutan…Beautiful beaches and coastline, crystal clear water, amazing underground caves and cenotes, ruins, bike riding along the highway in our safety gear and meeting some really interesting people along the way.

   *Enforced safety gear (minus the helmets) that allows you to ride on a 4 lane highway-feeling very safe amongst the CRAZY drivers*


Also when we were in Tulum we received a free lesson in “Sass-photography” from some Brazilians also enjoying the beach. They took it upon themselves to donate their precious time for this lesson and presented practical- real life examples on how to take sexy pictures.. right on the doorstep of our beach towels.. for no charge! "LUCKY US" I hear you say. 

Here are some pictures of their photo shoot, if anyone else out there is interested in how to look “extra hot” next time you have your picture taken...

                *That's a leg kick and hair flick right there*

            *must look comfortable and sexy on an awkward palm*

  *yes, he's trying to be seductive with a coconut*

Here is a picture of Kris’ progress....

Kris before Sass-photography demonstration


Kris after Sass- photography demonstration...

                                                *sass success???*     

After Mexico we crossed the border into Belize via boat. It may look very official...but the guy running the show was the most "camp" mexican we have met so far... he enjoyed the drama of opening up random boxes in people's luggage and being the centre of attention. He repeated himself a lot in a heavy lisp saying "OK guys, to whom, does this bag, belong to?", "Guys, this is serious."  The dog was more interested in eating everyone's snacks and even the army guys were trying not to laugh...

Somewhere between leaving Mexico and arriving in Belize Alice was affected by the Mexican egg virus and succumbed to its salmonella-like charms. Once we arrived in our first hostel in Belize and saw where the communal kitchen was located we had greater insight into how such an event could have occurred.

 Ultimately after two nights in a hot breezeless hostel room (the same hostel as the above picture) we decided to step up in the world and change locations.

So, we are now writing this from our little veranda overlooking the beach on Caye Caulker in Belize. It’s pretty unBELIZEable.

We will wait it out here for 5 days before sailing south to Palencia. Then onto Guatemala. 

Love Kralice. xx

P.S. For those of you who liked the dot point style of the last post or for those who have skipped all of the above text and arrived here for efficiencies sake here is our dot point summary of Mexico.

Mexico (Yucatan only) word associations:
- Hammocks
- Beer (sol, pacifico, coronas)
- Slow service (but not as slow as those shifty Cubans)
- Childhood Obesity
-Smelly Hippies in Hostels
- American tourists
-Mexico Time
- Coca Cola
-Fried everything
- Men lifting up their shirts to cool their big bellies off
- Spitting
- Outstandingly poor customer service
- Palm trees (with the bottom of the trunk painted white- for what reason?)
- Mariachi bands
- Turquoise water
-  Fast Food
- Mexican Egg Virus
- Fast and the furious 5 (WHY OH WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SHOW THESE MOVIES ON BUSSES????!!!!)
- Beer Buckets
- Mexican kitsch


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